DripDrop ORS Berry Flavor (24 Boxes of 4 Packets)


When water & sports drinks aren’t enough


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24 boxes of 4 packets. 96 packets in total.

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  • Treats and prevents dehydration.
  • Safe and effective for children, adults, and seniors.
  • Enhances athletic performance. 
  • Replenishes vital fluids lost through diarrhea, vomiting, colds, or flu.
  • Battles fatigue and improves alertness. 


Sucrose, sodium citrate, fructose, citric acid, natural flavors, potassium citrate, magnesium citrate, sea salt, ascorbic, sucralose, beta carotene for color, zinc aspartate.
Each packet provides: Sodium, 665 mg; Potassium, 390 mg; Chloride, 140 mg; Citrate, 80 meq; Magnesium, 83 mg; Zinc, 3mg; CARBOHYDRATES, 16g; CALORIES, 65


DripDrop is the first hydration formula to combine rigorous medical standards and excellent taste. This golden ratio of ingredients means that DripDrop hydrates better and faster than anything else on the market.


Mix 1 pack into 16.9 oz or 500 ml (1/2 Liter) water.
  • No artificial colors.
  • No artificial flavors.
  • No preservatives.
Things to know about hydration

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As a student, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun witnessed people — especially children — dying unnecessarily from dehydration while on a relief mission in Guatemala. Lacking the skilled labor to insert IV therapy at this location, Dr. Dolhun learned first hand how effective, less painful and speedy oral rehydration solutions could be in treating and preventing life-threatening dehydration. He also learned their major limitation: poor taste due to higher (medically relevant) electrolyte levels that impeded or prevented their use.

Recognizing the potential to combat dehydration and save lives on a massive scale, Dr Dolhun set out to create an ORS that was consistent with the World Health Organization (WHO) standard and over 50 years of ORS science, but also tasted great. The result is DripDrop ORS.

Today, DripDrop ORS is used by doctors, including Dr Dolhun, to treat and prevent life threatening dehydration in less well developed countries where dehydration remains a serious health issue. DripDrop ORS has also been adopted by U.S. Military units, Fire Departments, Doctors and high performance athletes because it hydrates better and faster than water and sports drinks, and is convenient and safe to use.
For adults, seniors, and children
Mix 1 stick into 16.9 oz (500ml) or approx. 2 cups of water.
*1 Powder stick = 16.9 fl oz
DripDrop ORS’s patented formula represents an important advance in the standard oral rehydration formula established by the World Health Organization (WHO). While countless studies have proven ORS highly effective in treating and preventing dehydration–and faster, safer and cheaper to administer than IV therapy–the higher relative electrolyte levels (primarily sodium) in ORS have historically resulted in poor taste that has impeded broader use.

DripDrop ORS patented formula provides medically relevant electrolyte levels consistent with WHO ORS standards, but also tastes great. Notably, sports drinks only contain about 1/3 the electrolytes of DripDrop ORS and most contain too much sugar.

As a result, ORS has been proven to hydrate better and faster than water or sports drinks, and comparable to IV therapy. By solving the taste problem, DripDrop ORS has made the most highly effective oral hydration solution known to medical science practical for use by anyone who finds themselves with a hydration need where water and sports drinks just aren’t enough.