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  • A proven alternative to IV therapy for mild to moderate dehydration
  • 3x the electrolytes and 1/2 the sugar of sports drinks
  • Patented, doctor-developed formula

      Customer Reviews

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      Really liked it

      I bought drip drop for my two grandchildren that play ball, they both enjoyed it and felt like it really helped them, this was a 15 and 19 year old. Thank you drip drop for this product.

      Drip drop review

      My wife and I absolutely love the flavors. However, I have ordered this product twice, and the first time I ordered it took over three weeks to get. I was told it was due to weather. The second time I ordered it also took over three weeks. This time they told me the product was out of stock and would be in the first of the following week. The first of the following week ended up being the end of that week. I’m wondering if these delays are a common occurrence. I have found it frustrating. What is a reasonable time to expect shipping after placing order? Am I expecting too much?

      Works well

      Woks well and shipping is fast I make a glass and take it to work cause I'm outside a lot

      Very tasty

      I really enjoy taking this powder with me to exercise and feel it does keep me hydrated in the SC heat.

      Great product

      My wife is an RN and works 12 hour shifts, her chances to drink are few and far apart. She has started to use this product and it really makes a difference in her days