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Great product

I know I can always trust DripDrop to help me stay hydrated and perform my best on the court!

DripDrop Juicy Variety Pack Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count


I had gotten off of an international flight with dehydrated and just wanted to sleep but before I did, I drank 20 ounces of water with drip drop. Slept for 12 hours. Woke up and felt wonderful no jet lag now I drink one every day. I love this stuff.

DripDrop Bold Variety Pack Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count


Just as hydrating and not as overwhelmingly sweet as the original flavors! I love the DripDrop Zero Lemon Lime! It tastes great! 10/10 recommend!

Hot or Cold

I love the fact that you can drink these hot or cold……I had Asthma last week & these were wonderful in a hot cup!

Great, my 2nd fav behind fruit punch

Highly recommend if u like fruit punch or any watermelon flavor stuff, it’s spot on

Gross taste

It taste gross. Can’t believe how bad it is

I love the flavor

I wish they came in bulk rather than individual servings. I love the flavor and the mild sweetness. I would for sure buy more if they came in bulk!

Helps POTS so much

As someone who has POTS being dehydrated and needing electrolytes is essential. I carry drip drop wherever I go. It’s convenient and I can immediately feel some relief of symptoms.

Love them

Drink one s day to stay hydrated, leg cramps are gone

DripDrop Zero Passion Fruit Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count

Bring back Acai flavor

I love the watermelon and passion fruit flavors of Drip Drop. However, Drip Drop has dropped the ball by discontinuing my favorite flavor: Acai. Please bring it back!

Drip drop rating

I just received them and tried only one. I think I prefer a different flavor but it was ok and I do want the benefits it offers. I may try another flavor for a future order.

Love the flavors

I normally don't care for lemon but this was not an overpowering flavor. I usually use 2 at a time in a 16oz bottle and would mix 1 lemon and one of the other flavors for variety.
My doctor and fellow ostomates love drip drops and we don't have to adjust them like we do with Gatorade type hydration drinks.
I would love to see something like a root beer or cola flavor as I get tired of all of the flavors of hydration drinks being only friuts. I have to drink mostly hydration drinks due to my ileostomy.

i like it

I like it

Can’t live without

These help so much. So happy I found them!

Love this stuff

My whole family drinks this every day.


I love everything DripDrop makes! Haven’t found one yet I didn’t like.

Highest Recommendation

The flavor is great, and I am glad to have a zero sugar option available for the times when I would like to go without sugar to fit my nutritional needs. Another incredible offering from DripDrop!

Missing Acaia

Wish you still offered Acaia in 16 oz. packets.

So much passion

I really enjoy this flavor! It smells and taste great. I like mixing it with other flavors and by itself. Refreshing.

Disappointing flavors

I have POTS and need a drink to help manage it; I usually but Liquid IV. But I tried the watermelon Drip Drop and loved it so I thought I would give the other flavors a try with the bold pack. The other flavors are very weak and just all-round disapping. I tried mixing the berry and lemon and was able to drink that thankfully or I would have probably thrown the whole bag away minus the watermelon. The watermelon flavor is great and has a good solid flavor to it. That will most likely be the only flavor I will buy in the future of the dripdrop. Otherwise I'm more inclined to buy Liquid IV since I like most of their flavors.

Weird taste

My husband said they taste like medicine. I’ve tried them and they’re not very good.

flavors are great

i love all the flavors and feel better after i drink it.