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I cancelled this subscription and you are still sending and charging to me. Why? I feel as if I am being scammed.

Love this product! It took a long time to deliver tho

Great. I love it. I buy it all the time

Great. Love it by this all the time

Create electrolyte love. The flavor my favorite is mango and berry. Best electrolyte out there.

Fabulous Lemon Lime Flavor

A nice subtle flavor.

I like DripDrop better than Liquid I.V. These are much more smooth tasting and subtle.

The Drip Drops have made a big difference for my mom who is in memory care. She is very sensitive to dehydration and the facility she is in does not consistently hydrate their residents as they should. Her NP ordered Drip Drops every afternoon and it’s been like night and day! It’s nice that these mix in 8 oz of water. It’s just enough that she will drink it all. I am very pleased with the product. Was NOT pleased that I waited and waited for my order and it never came. I had to contact Drip Drop and for some reason the order did not ship. That’s not good customer service for the first time ordering with you. The second order did finally arrive.

Free - Berry / 8 oz / 32 sticks

Never received order

Not good at all. Doesn’t taste or smell like peach or anything I can think of. Horrible! Trash can they got unfortunately.

Tastes alright but not the best. Don’t know what passion fruit is supposed to taste like but not bad enough I didn’t drink them . I did notice didn’t dissolve the same as regular ones with sugar .

Love these just wish they went back to the 16oz packet and big box for single flavor

Very much enjoy this hydration powder. A +
Dottie M.T. Joyal