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DripDrop Watermelon Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count

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I love these!

I've tried all the flavors and this is by far my favorite pack! No one has these flavors that actually taste good! Thank you.

a bit too sweet

I usually double the amount of water per packet and then it's not to sweet for me. Would prefer them to have more of a tangy bite, especially the citrus ones

Great product, little overpriced

Hardly to get my husband to try anything new, but he loves this one. He uses it when he is cutting wood and golfing.

Good product

I like drip drop, doctors after my surgery recommended it and my nutritionist did as well. My only issue is that they continue to remove all the 16 oz drink packets except the multipack. I like all the flavors but lemonade.

Makes no sense to me that they are going to the 8 oz packs water bottles are 16 oz or bigger not 8 oz


Everything was so tasty! Even to the açaí which I’m not crazy over the grape flavor (taste like cough syrup) but the açaí was a nice step up. I would just love to see all of these as individual flavor packets like the watermelon, in case one isn’t too much of your favorite flavor.

Juicy pack flavors

I’m sensitive to the medicinal flavor in all varieties of these rehydration powders. But I’ve found all the flavors in the juicy pack to be pretty good when stirred well. Wish I could replace the strawberry lemon with orange though. I think drinking these has helped keep my headaches at bay.

I highly recommend Drip Drop. I add it to my water every day to keep me hydrated.

Great stuff

always great stuff!! Just wish there were more individual flavors like in the past.

Drip drops Concord grape

Been a lifesaver since cancer treatment chemo and radiation . Helped keep me hydrated. Highly recommend 👍👍

Delicious 🤤

Very tasty and refreshing. I love it.

Love them!!!

I just love drip drops and I love the flavors. They work so well too. I drink daily and works amazing.

It's a life saver

I told a fire fighter friend about an issue I had on a hit motorcycle ride. I was severely dehydrated and medically in need of emergency hydration. Because of this, my friend gave me a couple dripdrops. My first use was during another long hot motorcycle ride. I was having dehydration issues again and put this in water. Within a 1/2 hour I was doing well and had a great ride home. It was after this that I paid for the subscription. I'm a police officer and always keep this with me now.

My tree guy said

"He tried them all and these are the best! So far, I have been really enjoying the extra hydration as I work outdoors in the Florida sun year-round. Buy some; I believe that you will enjoy them too! My subscription is cheaper than what I can get at stores, and shipping to the house is convenient. I just received my first reminder that the next shipment is on its way soon! There's an easy skip button if you don't need it yet, although I will be ready. I am drinking one daily as a replacement for the blue Powerade. One last bit of advice for now: keep them in the box or bag they came in, as they will absorb moisture and become hard in the packaging. Enjoy, and I hope this helps! Best wishes always, Brian."

Drip Drop Strawberry

Too expensive. Can get bigger packets (12 oz size) for less.

tastes good, but has sucralose

My husband likes it. I can't drink it bc of the sucralose.

DripDrop Juicy Variety Pack Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count

Single flavor by the pack

These are great. However I wish we could buy packs by the individual flavors and not a mixed bag. Cherry is the best and in order to get it I have to order other flavors I don't care for.

Every flavor is amazing!

Bought these for ultra distance training and now drink it all the time. Even my kids ask for “watermelon juice” l day long!

DripDrop helps me stay hydrated

If it weren’t for that on surfing tiktoker I wouldn’t know what DripDrop is. Now I’m using it daily to make sure I’m drinking water because plain water isn’t good enough for me. (I also mix it with my pre-workout).


We so enjoy the taste and convenience of Drip Drops. Love the feeling knowing we are hydrated and full of good essential vitamins to keep us going

Missing regular passion fruit

Love the zero sugar version but I wish I could get both and whole bags of mango as well