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These are the best !

Good tasting and does the job!!!

Must Have

It is a must have product for me. Hydration is harder as you age. Also working in an area where there is excessive heat affects anyone. The combination along with certain common medications can cause serious problems with hydration that can affect all parts of the body. I watch my skin as a clue to the level of hydration I am enjoying. Drip Drop is a vital link in taking care of my body. It is magic.

DripDrop Trial Pack

Flavor is great and isn't salty

Please cancel this order thank you Diane Janes

Love drip drop

By far my favorite hydration packets !


Lemon flavor was almost undetectable for me.
However I appreciate the more important parts of the drink, the electrolytes.

Love the sugar free options

The flavors in the variety pack are great! Very good. Love to have this option.

Some flavors seem to leave a film in my mouth

HI. Last time I only had watermelon so I ordered the variety pack this time. Twice now when I tried the Black Cherry in my water, I can definitely sense either an aftertaste or a strange coating in my mouth that feels/ tastes weird.

Variety pack

Love the zero sugar variety pack! Good mix of flavors, including the newest ones!


They don't seem to be as flavorful as their full sugar counterparts. I would like them in a 16oz packet so I could use one instead of two packets.

I give it a 3 cuz it says variety pack but the only variety they really had in it was peach and lime. I know there's more flavor then those two. If your gonna offer variety at least put more then 2 flavors. But this product is great I belive is better then a lot of other product out there.

This has become my favorite electrolyte drink. The flavors are great and shipping is quick.

Taste was pretty good. After using twice during rounds of golf, I felt much better than usual. I did not feel as beat as I had been as the temperatures increase.

Great product

I have turned away from all previous electrolyte replacement drinks because either too salty, too sweet or bad taste. This product (I use orange flavor) tastes great in any water volume 8 oz - 20 oz and is NOT too salty so that I get "puffy" as a result of drinking it. I also have to watch my sugar intake, so the 7 grams of sugar in each stick is perfect and I feel refreshed after drinking it when I'm done with my activity. Thanks for this great product!

Love the flavors overall. However, peach is not very peachy, too subtle.


Love the taste and the effectiveness!

The best on the market. Tastes like Jolly Rancher watermelon even in 40 oz of water.

Amazing product, good price too.

Great taste

The flavors are great and it helps keep my electrolytes in balance

Orange, Lemon and Lemon-Lime our favorite flavors. Great electrolyte replacement and with added magnesium

Best products for hydration and have completely eliminated leg pains with the added magnesium!

Amazing company with great customer service . Drip drop is one of the best hydration drinks that dose not have that salty taste like other drinks😊+10

These are top tier hydration packets. They are our favorite brand. The peach and lime have the best flavor profiles on the market. They come in a bag we reuse, are easy to open, dissolve completely and really hydrate you. They have a decent price point, especially if you subscribe. We buy other electrolyte water enhances, but drip drop is the constant in our house.