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The BEST bottle for the BEST rehydrating drink

I drink A LOT of DripDrop. This bottle is my favorite for drinking it - it's easy to shake/mix the powder in, and it has measurement lines for how much water to use for each size stick.

Best lightweight water bottle for backpacking

I love that this bottle is so lightweight and sturdy, which is perfect for backpacking!

New flavors

I think Ice Tea and Cola would be new flavors to try. I've been a fan since all you had was the Bold flavors. I love the Juicy mixed packages since you've introduced them.

Passionate about Passion Fruit!

One of my favorite flavors. I tried it right when it came out and now I am hooked! I crave this after a long day outside, not just because it tastes great but it also makes me feel a million times better.

Top Flavor

Thought I would give this a try and I am so glad that I did. I love mangos but mango flavored products can go either way. So I was leery of trying this, thinking that it would be super fake tasting. But I was completely surprised. This is now my #1 flavor. I vote that this flavor be put in their regular lineup. I cannot get enough of it! You have to try it!

Game changer

I have Adrenal insufficiency and neurocardiogenic syncope both require me to have more sodium than most! Dripdrop gives me this with out the extra sugar of sports drinks or the salty taste of some other drinks! It’s made all the difference in my hydration

Great Hydration and great flavor!

Love DripDrop! Please bring back pineapple coconut flavor!


I use these to help stay hydrated while working on the road.

Mango >> Delicious!

Mango is in my top 3 favorite flavors of DripDrop. It's not too sweet and they really nailed the flavor. I'm ready for summer!

Great for over-active ostomy!

Before I started drinking DripDrop, I was hospitalized twice to get intravenous fluids for acute kidney injuries due to severe dehydration caused by an over-active ostomy (equivalent to severe diarrhea) before I finally got to see a doctor at Emory University’s Short Bowel Syndrome Clinic, and he told me to drink DripDrop only (no other beverages or liquids of any kind). It’s been an amazing change.

With Drip Drop, I am able to stay hydrated enough to avoid kidney injury, so I haven’t needed intravenous fluids despite my still much-more-active-than-ideal ostomy. (I’m also following the University of Virginia’s Short Bowel Diet, as prescribed by my Emory doctor.)

And, unlike other oral rehydration solutions I’d been told to drink by other doctors, DripDrop doesn’t make me gag! I enjoy drinking DripDrop because it tastes good! I suppose that if I could drink regular beverages I might find that DripDrop’s flavors would suffer in comparison, but DripDrop is definitely the best tasting medical drink I’ve ever had!

The least expensive way I found to buy DripDrop is by subscription from because you get free shipping and 25% off, and the subscription cancellation/change policy is so flexible that it doesn’t make financial sense to me to buy it any other way.

I recommend starting with one each of the three different variety packs to find out which flavors you like best (and then, if you have preferences, just get your favorite flavors).

My favorite DripDrop flavors are Cherry (cold), Spiced Apple Cider (hot), Hibiscus (hot), and Honey Lemon Ginger (hot).

Miraculous product

For months I watched my daughter endure chemotherapy for brain cancer. The side effects were relentless leaving her dehydrated. Drip drops is an amazing product. Her oncologist could tell when she was using them. Thank you a million times over for making her life better. No words are enough. She's in remission.

I'm happy I found an alternative to Gatorade that actually works


I have IBS and prolonged bouts of diarrhea cause me to faint from electrolyte imbalance. It's very scary. I have been using the hot apple cider and it has been a lifesaver.

Nursing, travel & more!

I love Drip Drop and have been using it since there were two flavors with white packaging (Around 2014/2015)! I used it through nursing school, NA shifts, and nursing shifts. Hot flavors are still great cold (especially hibiscus!). I love that I can dilute the packets in more water to get flavored water or use them at full strength. Definitely a great and easy thing to toss in my bag for work days since we never know if the cafeteria is open with the pandemic. PPE, speaking through masks, and forgetting to drink water tends to dehydrate you. I see a huge difference between working multiple shifts in a row if I drink electrolytes.

Drip Drop also helps with elevation sickness (my friend felt better almost instantly) and is a travel essential! Bonus- no caffeine in Drip Drop and 8 oz sizes!

Life saver

Hello, I knew nothing about Drip Drop until my surgeon told me to stop using Gatorade. I have an illness that if I don't stay hydrated it could take my life.
I started using Drip Drop the end of June 2021. I began by going to the places the doctor told me it was available. I quickly realized that was not a good source.
Sometime in July I think, I went to the source.
I could immediately tell the difference in how I felt using Drip Drop and not Gatorade. I was drinking 2 to 3 24 oz bottles a day along with alkaline water. My skin especially my lips and nails went back to what I call normal as well as my stamina. I continued this for months. I then thought I should be able to cut back to one bottle plus lots of the alkaline water because of the cost. By Thanksgiving I was so busy and not really paying attention until I realized I was back where I started in July. It is now December and I am back drinking 2 to 3 bottles a day trying once again to recover.

The moral of my story is no cost is to high to keep well.

I think it is a great thing you are doing to help others not as fortunate as those of us in the US.


After work out

I love this drink
After my work out
Berry kind is amazing
Jill Hershberger from Akron Ohio

Great Product

This is best product I have tried!!! Taste so good and worked so quickly in my body. After a moderate dehydration due to illness I was just getting worried about loosing too much liquids in a short period of time. But my husband got me Dripdrop from a local pharmacy and I saw the difference the next day. Thanks so much for making this product available for everyone.


My husband has a loop illeostomy and was in danger of getting dehydrated. The Cleveland Clinic recommended Drip Drops and it has been the greatest thing ever. The taste is great and it is the perfect mix of sugar, salt, and electrolites so my husbands small intestine can do the work of the large. Thank you for creating such a great product.

DripDrop Strawberry Lemonade Electrolyte Powder, 8 oz sticks, 32 count
nancy sibio (Scranton)
best ever

I was originally looking for a less expensive alternate to pricy bottled drinks for my grandson who had started a warehouse job last June. I came across the drip drops & he now swears by drip drops. I don't drink much of anything at all so I started drinking drip drops thinking if I am going to drink anything I should get the benefits of drip drops. I have everyone in my family drinking them & we all swear by drip drop. Highly recommend. Some of us mix with 8 Oz. Some of us add extra water. We have used for dehydration, hangovers, when sick, you name it. All the flavors are good. We each have a favorite flavor.

Great product. Would love a sugar-free and sweetener-free option

I've been feeling rundown after workouts recently. I tried DripDrop after my workout today. While it worked really well, I would love to see an option that is free of sugars and artificial sweeteners for the paleo/keto crowd. Please consider introducing an unflavored option for us. Thank you!

Total lifesaver!!

I stumbled upon Drip Drop in 2019 before I went out for my first fire season as I wanted to make sure I was prepared for heat stress or whatever else was thrown my way. I purchased the larger packs for my canteens and purchased enough that I was able to hand some out to the guys on my crew when needed. By the end of that fire season almost everyone on my crew had started purchasing it to stick in their packs. I am an avid water drinker already so this helps kind of even me out with my electrolyte intake. Drip Drop also works wonders when you're sick I just left my local Walgreens this evening and managed to grab the last box on the shelf. I will always tell everyone and anyone I can about this stuff because it truly is a miracle worker. And yes I have used it for hangovers and it kicks in pretty quick so you're feeling lest blah and you're able to get on with your day!!! I will never not have this stuff in my possession it really is just that great!

Love your products will continue to purchases products..
Awesome customer service.

Great product by great people

Great product. Met Tim Charpenter at a show and he was extremely informative plus an ARMY vet ( I believe Rangers Retired MSG). I work as a logger during the day and volunteer firefighter so I am very busy and these are so easy. Throw some packets in any vehicle, drop it in a bottle of water and your set. Premix it and it doesn't seem to spoil or separate. Great for everyone.

Waaaay better than gatorade

This product is amazing and works better than any "sports" drink I've ever consumed that is suppose to rehydrate you. I work in a warehouse and live in AZ so sweating/dehydration is unavoidable and water does very little. With drip drop I never get fatigued from the heat. Excited to see more future flavors. A blue raspberry would be incredible.

Swear by these!!

I'm a 54 yr old female construction worker in Arizona. I had a day that I was on the roof all day and became extremely ill. Usually when the heat gets me that bad I'm down for a couple of days. I remembered I had them with me as I had just bought them, and within 30 minutes I was ready to go back at it. I swear by these!!!