Philanthropic Work

Inspiring Change

Since its inception, DripDrop has been a company founded on care: doctors caring for patients, parents caring for children, friends caring for each other. In addition to making our hydration solution available to everyone, the DripDrop team  is committed to reduce suffering caused by dehydration and create a new standard in wellness.

Our Mission

DripDrop works to save lives and alleviate suffering caused by dehydration worldwide. Our philanthropic work raises funds and partners with qualifying organizations to:
  1. Distribute ORS at or below cost on the frontlines of medical relief.
  2. Educate people about proper hydration, recognizing and treating dehydration, and the power of ORS.
  3. Support research on dehydration and ORS.

The DripDrop Foundation is supported by a combination of major gifts, grants, strategic partnerships, and proceeds from sales of DripDrop in the United States.

Our Work

Before the official incorporation of the DripDrop Foundation in September 2014,  DripDrop Founder Eduardo Dolhun personally delivered the product to disaster areas, where he also donated his time and medical expertise. Dr. Dolhun brought DripDrop to Haiti, Pakistan, the Philippines, Uganda and Malawi. The DripDrop foundation will help Dr. Dolhun and the organization scale these efforts for greater impact.


Also in September, 2014, the DripDrop Foundation donated much-needed ORS product to ChildFund International, one of the organizations delivering critically-needed medical supplies to Sierra Leone and Liberia, in an effort to contain the spread of the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) and improve the health outcomes of those affected with EVD.

DripDrop has been invited to join the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), and will begin to formulate a commitment to action with appropriate strategic partners.

If you are interested in learning more about our work or supporting our efforts, please contact Eduardo Dolhun, M.D.-