1 Powder Pack = 16.9 fl oz
oral hydration solution

DripDrop - Oral Rehydration Solution

DripDrop is the first medical-grade oral rehydration solution, now available without a prescription. Created by a Mayo Clinic educated physician to save lives in extreme situations, DripDrop is now available for everyday use. Whether you’re working out, fighting off illness or nursing a hangover, DripDrop is the most efficacious way to hydrate without a prescription or an IV. 

  • Fast-acting, medical-grade oral rehydration solution
  • Used by military, firefighters, doctors & athletes
  • Hydrates 34% more effectively than water alone
  • Hydrates 20% more effectively than sports drinks
  • 3x the electrolytes and ½ the sugar of sports drinks
  • 25% fewer calories than sports drinks
  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Pharmacist recommended

Salt, sugar, water. These three household ingredients comprise one of the world’s most effective cures for dehydration. When mixed together, along with other electrolytes, they create an oral rehydration solution (ORS). It’s simple, easy-to-administer, and has been credited with reversing millions of life-threatening cases of dehydration.

DripDrop ORS represents an evolution in the standard oral rehydration formula. Our doctor-developed rehydration powder contains a medically relevant level of sodium, while tasting great enough to drink every day.

DripDrop’s patented hydration powder is based on World Health Organization’s formula for Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), a precise ratio of sodium, sugars, and electrolytes that enhances absorption and speeds recovery.

Quick Facts

  • DripDrop’s patented ratio of sodium and sugars activate one of the body’s most effective dehydration mechanisms — the sodium-glucose
    co-transport system.
  • When glucose is present in the small intestine, sodium and water absorption is increased by 2-3x.
  • Water is transported through the intestinal membrane by diffusion. Conversely water can be transported in the opposite direction (plasma to intestine) with high osmolarity solutions.
  • Compared to other leading rehydration products, DripDrop offers more electrolytes, leading to faster rehydration.

DripDrop Advantage

Low osmolarity and more sodium are the marks of medical grade hydration.

All measurements are per 1 liter (33.9oz), 2 packets.


"Dehydration compromises soldiers, both physically and mentally, and can jeopardize troops and the mission. DripDrop is exactly what soldiers need: something lightweight and portable, easy to administer, and works in the most grueling circumstances."
– Major General (Retired) James “Spider” Marks
"For many patients with mild to moderate dehydration, DripDrop could reduce morbidity, mortality, and need for intravenous fluids and hospitalizations. I anticipate DripDrop being useful in both outpatient and inpatient settings."
– Benni Gavi, MD, M.T.S., Stanford School of Medicine
"DripDrop has made an amazing improvement on my energy level and brain function when I drink it during the 5 min transition period from teaching my high impact cycling class to my yoga flow class."
- Kylee L. , Mom, Yoga and Spin Teacher, Actress

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